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Shopping for your Hobby can be very expensive if you are new to the world. Lot’s of people end up wasting tons of money on new hobbys only to see the boxes pile up in their closet because they got in way to far without really figuring out what they are passionate about.

Today we will be exploring one of the most exciting hobbies in what I like to call Model Train Stuff. I’m linking to a community that I recently came across that does a good job introducing the hobby and also does an even better job of showing you private communities you can be a part of to advance your hobby.

One of the biggest ways you can be successful with your hobby is surrounding yourself with other enthusiast who share the passion and are a little bit further down the road so to speak.

Take me for example. I recently bought a Lionel Train Set. I did it after I read about Lionel Trains on the Model Train Community site. Now, it would have taken me a while to figure out what type of train set I wanted to explore first. However, through networking with other hobbyist, I immediately was able to identify what type of hobby I wanted to go shopping for.

The truth is you are going to spend a ton of money in most hobbies you get into. And if you are a real enthusiast you are going to find excuses to buy almost everything under the sun. However, teaming up with someone who knows a little more about the hobby world you are exploring, will definitely save you money in the long run. I shopped around to find a get solid place I could get active advice to grow my interest in trains. Again, I used the Model Train Community and it really helped me identify a group I wanted to be associated with.

Wether you are looking to just shop antiques, make a dent into the world of collectibles, or wanting to participate in a more active hobby, do yourself a favor and really get a feel for a good community you can plug into.

Traveling – A hobby for the ages

How many places have you traveled? How many sunsets have you seen? While staying in Maui Banyan had the fortunate experience to really understand how to view traveling as a hobby. Before I had never really took it as an activity I could classify as a hobby. However, while there my wife and I rode horses, went on a guided snorkeling adventure, learned the aloha (spell check on that one!) and read on the beach. We even had the opportunity to go to a good old fashioned Hawaiian cookout. There was a roasted pig and of course genuine Hawaiian beer. My point with all this was that vacationing and traveling is in fact a hobby. It’s fun, it’s interesting, it provokes thoughts and keeps the spirit young!

Traveling is the best Hobby
Vacationing in Hawaii


The Hobby of RC Jets

Have you ever flown a RC jet? Eric James loves flying model airplanes and he does it in the coolest setting ever – an actual airplane hanger! Eric is a true hobbyist of RC planes and has 4 different types that would make any hobbyist jealous!
“My favorite is the raptor” explains James. “I don’t always fly it because it is so big and bulky.” He points out the dimensions of the model plane as he loads it into his WV Taureg, an SUV type vehicle that should be able to haul just about anything.
The raptor isn’t the fastest, but it does have a slick fighter jet looking replication that really turns heads when its out and about.
Eric and one of his friends have a very unique setting in which they fly their model planes. For the smaller RC’s they use a mid size private airplane hanger. They set up obstacle courses and challenge each other with timed races, seeing who can complete the course in one piece and at the fastest time.
When he’s not flying his RC planes in the hanger, he actually is taking off and landing from an actual runway. This warranted a letter from the FAA, in which Eric had to request permission to continue.
“It was a funny process, talking to the FAA about landing and taking off these model jets” says James. “We ended up getting the permission we needed, however, we were upsetting some of the helicopter pilots so we decided to keep our true runway flying to special occasions.”
Eric says he has no immediate plans to increase his model collection… “Four RC planes is already too much for me to handle. I don’t get to fly them too often and when I do, I feel like I’m not caring enough for whichever one gets the least amount of air time.”
Eric plans on consolidating his collection down to one specific RC, that is setup for higher speeds and better aerobatics. “That’s the fun in this hobby, going out and doing things you wouldn’t dare try in a typical plane.”

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